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2007, Russia, 126 min, col., 35 mm, 1:2, 35, Dolby Digital


Director : Valery Todorovsky

Script : Oleg Malovichko, Valery Todorovsky

Camera : Roman Vasianov

Production Design : Vladimir Gudilin

Music : Alexander Andreev, Vladimir Eglitis

Cast: Maxim Matveev, Fedor Bondarchuk, Alexei Serebriakov, Evgenia Khirivskaya, Katia Vilkova, Anton Shagin, Igor Voinarovsky, Sergei Pirniak, Denis Balandin, Denis Yasik

Producers : Vadim Goriaynov, Leonid Lebedev, Valeri Todorovsky, Leonid Yarmolnik

Production : Rekun Cinema under support of the RF Federal Agency for culture and cinematography and RF Federal Drug Control service .,

Denis Orlov is a young and arrogant DJ in a nightclub in a large southern city of Russia. He has everything: talent, love, friends. He dreams of becoming a professional musician and of exchanging the dance floor for stadiums and concert halls. Denis’ life strives towards the future with a promising set of surprises, but not always pleasant. In order to make quick money Denis agrees to deal drugs once, just once. But during this one deal Denis crosses the path of the regional criminal authority, Verner. Thus Denis and his friends face a choice.


Film director, scriptwriter, producer. Born May 8, 1962 in Odessa. Adviser to the General Director of the television channel “Rossiya” on film production; winner of professional film awards, prize winner of international and Russian film festivals. Graduated from the scriptwriting and film history department of VGIK (1984). Debuted in cinema as a scriptwriter: “The Double” (1986, with Andris Kolbergs), “The Man of Following” (1987), “Gambrinus” (1990), “The Sea Wolf” (1990), “A Ventî”, :The Cynicsî”, “Over Dark Water” (1993), etc. Producer of films and TV serials. Author of the book “ The Heroic Deed” (together with Yuri Korotkov).


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