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2007, Russia, 100 min., color, 35 ìì, 1: 1, 85, Dolby Digital


Director : Ivan Solovov

Script : Natalia Chepik, Irakly Kvirikadze

Camera : Vladimir Klimov

Production design : Pavel Parkhomenko

Music : Alexei Rybnikov

Cast: Alexei Guskov, Polina Kutepova, Yekaterina Vasilieva, Lidiya Velezheva, Ljudmila Arinina, Svetlana Ivanova, Roman Madyanov, Alexander Bashirov, Yekaterina Prismotrova-Belova, Anastasiya Gorodentseva

Executive producer : Vera Pakhtusova

Co-producer : Oleg Goncharov

Ïðîäþñåð: Ivan Solovov, Alexei Guskov, Sergei Shumakov

Production: film company “Mentor Cinema”, studio “F.A.F. Entertainment”, TV channel “Rossiya” with the support of the FR Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography

Screen adaptation of Andrei Platonov’s story “The Return”. After the end of the World War II Alexei and Masha feel not only happiness and joy but also bitterness and fear. Alexei is afraid to return home as he doubts that his children and wife are still waiting for him. Masha has lost her parents and is also afraid to come back to the town where only distant relatives are left. Alexei and Masha meet in the train on the way home. They both alight at Masha’s station and spend two days together before Alexei leaves for his place. He finds his family in good health. Nevertheless he can hardly become accustomed to peaceful life. He tries his best to overcome hard daily routine and to realize his family’s new problems. He learns to live afresh, to love and forgive.


Film director, producer, General director of “Mentor Cinema” film company Born October 29, 1952 in Engelsk, Saratov region. In 1973 he entered the Department of Journalism at the Military College of Lvov. In 1977 he started to work at the film studio of the USSR Ministry of Defense. In 1981 he graduated from the Writing Department of VGIK, then – from the directing department of the same institute (1987). In 1994 -96 lectured at the Moscow State Institute of Culture. In 1988 he organized and headed the film company “Mentor Cinema”. He is an author and director of over 40 documentaries and fiction films, TV serials. Award-winner of national and international film forums. In November 2005 he received the Golden Order Award for “Service to Arts” instituted by the Public Council of International Charitable Fund “Patrons of the Century” and the movement “ Good People of the World”. His name is entered in the book “Good People of the World”.


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