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2007, Russia, 104 min., color, 35 ìì, 1:2, 35, Dolby Digital


Director : Alexander Strizhenov

Script : Andrei Kureichik, Yuri Korotkov with participation of Renat Davletiarov, Alexander Strizhenov, Alexander Oleinikov

Camera : Viacheslav Lazarev

Production Design : Alexei Aksenov

Music : Arkadi Ukupnik

Costumes : Viktoria Andreyanova

Cast : Kristina Orbakaite, Gosha Kutsenko, Evgeni Stychkin, Andrei Krasko, Ekaterina Strizhenova, Mikhail Kozakov, Olga Orlova, Andrei Urgant, Alexander Strizhenov, Daria Drozdovskaya, Kseniya Kniazeva, Evklid Kiurdzidis, Stanislav Duzhnikov

Producers : Renat Davletiarov, Alexander Kotelevsky, Alexander Oleinikov

Production : Real-Dakota with the support of the RF Federal Agency of Culture and Cinematography

Lyrical comedy, fantasy. At their wedding Andrei and Marina Golubev vowed each other eternal love. In due course their passion vanishes to make room for careers, everyday life, friends and personal hobbies. More and more they argue over trifles and spend less and less time together...The prospect of divorce is looming. The last chance to rescue the marriage lies in the consultation with the family psychologist, Doctor Kogan. But Doctor Kogan treats family relations in a rather untraditional way: in the morning the Golubevs wake up at home, but now he is Marina and she is Andrei. They must learn to understand the desires of the other like their own...


Born June 6, 1962.
In 1990 he graduated from the MHAT school studio, Alexander Kalyagin's workshop. In 1989-91 he performed in the Moscow Theatre of Modern Plays. In 1991 he entered «Anton Chekhov's Theatre». He played in over 30 features such as “Sniper”, “If I Wish I will Love”, “Leader”, etc. In 1995 he started to work on TV as a presenter of the program “Cinematograph”, ORT Channel. Beginning 1997 he presented the program “Dobroye Utro” ( Good Morning) together with his wife Yekaterina. As a creative producer he cooperates with several advertising agencies.


2002 Falling Up (together with Sergei Ginzburg)
2005 From 180 and Higher
2007 Lovey-Dovey