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Treasure Raiders

2007, Russia/USA, 92 min., color. 1: 1,85


Director : Brent Huff

Script : Alexander Overchuk , Alexander Nevsky

Camera : Rudy Harbon

Cast : Steven Brand, David Carradine, Alexander Nevsky, Evgeny Stychkin, Olga Rodionova, Maksim Konovalov, Igor Yasulovich, William Shockley, Andrew Divoff, Sherilyn Fenn

Producers : Alexander Izotov , Alexander Nevsky, Robert Madrid

Production : Czar Pictures

Best Russian street racer nicknamed Wolf and American professor Michael search for an ancient treasure in Moscow. Mysterious historian Pierre joins the search and believes that treasure belongs to legendary Order of the Temple. Things get complicated when Wolf's girlfriend Lena is kidnapped by gangster Beekeeper and Moscow police chief is ready to arrest Wolf for illegal street racing. Pierre and Michael continue their search for the treasure but Wolf has to rescue Lena and win the most dangerous race which takes place on the sizzling streets of Moscow. Only after that can he reveal the dark secret of the Order of the Temple...


American actor, film director, scriptwriter, producer. Born in 1961


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