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Two in one

2006, Ukraine / Russia, 124 min, color., 35 mm, 1:1,66


Director : Kira Muratova

Script : Evgeny Golubenko ( first novella), Renata Litvinova ( second novella)

Camera : Vladimir Pankov

Production design : Evgeny Golubenko

Music : Valentin Silvestrov

Cast : Renata Litvinova, Evgeny Golubenko, Bogdan Stupka, Nina Ruslanova, Vladimir Goriansky, Natalia Buzko, Alexander Bashirov, Jean Daniel

Co-producer : Ruben Dishdishian

General producer : Oleg Kohan

Production : «Sota Cinema Group» under support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, «Central Partnership», Odessa film studio.

Tragicomic drama in two short stories. On a theatre stage an actor has hung himself. Somehow a stage worker gets involved in the case. But the actor’s body in the sling is by far not the most fascinating intrigue that is capturing the attention of the troupe. It is impossible to see where the series of events will lead and how many deaths await the troupe... An aging lady’s man cannot reconcile himself with loneliness. He has everything, except for the women of his life, and he is ready to search for them until the end, or death. The only woman close to him is his patient daughter. Unable to cope with her fate, she brings along her friend, a simple working girl of the tram depot…


Film director, scriptwriter, actress. Studied at the Department of Philology of Moscow State University, graduated from the Film Directing faculty of VGIK (1959, workshop of Sergei Gerasimov and Tamara Makarova). Since 1961 she has been working at the Odessa film studios. Her first film and diploma work «By the Steep Ravine» and «Our Honest Bread» were produced together with Alexander Muratov. People’s Actress of Ukraine, winner of professional awards in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, France, Switzerland, USA; prize-winner of international and national film festivals.


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