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Captive (2008, Russia)

80 min., col., 35 mm, 1:1.85, Dolby Digital 5.1


Script: Vladimir Makanin together with Timofei Dekin

Director: Alexei Uchitel

Camera: Yuri Klimenko

Production design: Andrei Vasin

Music: Leonid Desiatnikov

Cast: Irakli Mtskhalaya, Viacheslav Grekunov, Petr Logachev, Julia Peresild

Producer: Alexei Uchitel

Production: studio ROCK under support of the RF Federal Agency for culture and cinematography


Distribution: Central Partnership


Drama based on Vladimir Makanin’s story “The Caucasian Captive”. The action takes place during the Chechen war. Two Russian soldiers capture an insurgent, young Chechen. Under the war conditions they follow a set of established rules, since everybody faces the same choice: life or death. But as they lead him to their headquarters, their attitude towards the ongoing events changes, and they begin to better understand each other and the situation in general.

*Prize for the best director at the IFF in Karlovy Vary - 2008


Director, producer. Born August 31, 1951 in Leningrad. Graduated from the cinematography faculty of the Film Institute VGIK (1975). Worked as cameraman and director at the Leningrad studio of documentary films. In the early 1990s he organized the creative production association ROCK. Producer of films “Pavlov’s Dog” by Ekaterina Shagalova, “Relations” by Avdotia Smirnova, “The Game” by Alexander Rogozhkin, and other projects, including his own films. People’s Artist of Russia, winner of NIKA Film Academy awards, “Golden Eagle” award, prize-winner of international and national film festivals.

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