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Indigo (2008, Russia)

95 min., col., 35 mm, 1: 2,35, Dolby Digital 5.1


Scriptwriters: Alexei Timm, Valentin Spiridonov

Director: Roman Prygunov

Camera: James Gucciardo

Production design: Eduard Galkin

Costumes: Alexandra Andreeva, Andrei Deinichenko

Music: Arkadi Ukupnik

Sound: Alexander Kopeikin

Cast:: Ivan Yankovsky, Mikhail Efremov, Maria Shukshina, Artem Tkachenko, Elena Drobysheva, Gosha Kutsenko, Anastasia Ricci, Roman Shmakov, Pavel Sliva, Marius Standel, Pavel Yasenok, Petr Skvortsov, Ivan Mudrov

Producers: Renat Davletiarov, Alexander Kotelevsky, Mikhail Mikots

Production: Interfest, Vox Film, Real-Dakota, with participation of the Federal Agency of Culture and Cinematography



Distribution: KaroProkat


Adventure thriller. Tikhon remembers everything about his former life, Tanya understands the language of animals, Zheka easily cracks any computer programme, Lekha can see through objects, Andrei has a presentiment for danger. They are Indigo, living in different parts of modern Moscow. These gifted people feel free and impregnable only when they are together. But someone tracks them down methodically and the Indigos vanish one after the other. This someone is confident only in one thing: that the adult world normally disregards strange teenage problems and would never believe in the seriousness of a story about a maniac pursuing only Indigo….


Film director. Born 26.05 .1969 in Moscow. Made musical videos and TV advertisements. His directorial debut “Solitude of Blood” took part in the Competition program of XXII Moscow IFF. “Indigo” is his second full-length feature.

Russian film week in New York