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Heavy Sand (Russia, 2008)

150 min., theatrical version

Heavy Sand

Script & dialogues: Natalia Violina, Leonid Zorin

Director: Anton Barshevskiy

Camera: Krasimir Kostov

Music: Alexander Zhurbin

Editor: Sergey Pavlovsky

Cast: Irina Lachina, Alexander Arsentiev, Nelly Uvarova, Dmitry Kharatyan, Olga Budina, Anna Gorshkova, Valery Zakutsky, Yuri Tsurilo, Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Larisa Udovichenko, Emmanuil Vitorgan, Mikhail Efremov and others

Guest star: Yuri Solomin as lawyer Dolsky

Creative producer: Daria Violina

General producer: Dmitry Barshevskiy

Production: Film company «Risk» under the support of the Government of Russia, Government of Moscow, Federal agency for culture and cinematography

World rights: Film company “Risk”, Tel: + 7 (499) 130 30 87, Fax: + 7 (495) 731-45-50


A cine novel. Based on real-life events, this film tells the family story of Anatoly Rybakov, a best-selling Russian writer, who used it for his novel, "Heavy sand", which has been translated into 39 languages... The film's genre is melodrama, a family saga. The film opens on the eve of the 20th century in Snovsk, a small sunny town on the border of Ukraine and Russia. The town is far from being ethnically pure. Jewish families mingle with Russian, Belarusian, and Ukrainian ones, because love does not distinguish between nationalities. The young protagonists are beautiful, and they cherish high hopes. Jacob is German, Rachael is Jewish. While his fate initially seems to be to find life-long happiness in a placid Switzerland, he makes his own choice. He devotes himself to his beloved woman and the country, which lives through the battlefields of wars and revolutions and sees destinies ruined. Doomed to terrible trials, their big family cannot avoid the Holocaust. All shall die, but strong love will persit… The story is by no means national, as the protagonists' life experiences are common for all the people on the Earth.


Film director, producer. Born in Moscow in 1968. Graduated from VGIK, department of cinematography in 1990. In the 90s he headed the branch of Spielberg’s Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation in Eastern Europe, CIS and Baltic states. Over 5 thousand interviews with the victims of the Holocaust were filmed for the archives of the Foundation. He was the executive producers of a documentary film by Steven Spielberg and J. Mall “The Last Days” (Oscar award for the best documentary film in 1999) as well as the documentary film “Children of the Abyss” (directed by P. Chuhrai). He made films for “Jewish Fund for Justice”, and “Swiss fund for needy victims of the Holocaust-Shoah”. Producer of advertising films and music clips. Member of the Russian Filmmakers’ Union, Producers’ Guild of Russia. Head of the film company “Film Union”.


1995-1996 Producer of feature “Shaman” (co-production with MK-2 Productions/Marin Karmitz, France)
1997 Associated producer of the Steven Spielberg’s documentary “The last days” (Oscar award for the best documentary film in 1999)
2000 Associated producer of the documentary “Children from Abyss” (dir. Pavel Chukhrai, producer Steven Spielberg)
2001-2004 General producer of cine novel “Moscow Saga”
2006 – 2008 Director of cine novel “Heavy Sand”

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